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Posted: March 23, 2018

Before registering for your courses next year, make sure to refer to this booklet.

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First Nation Student Education Opportunities: Scholarships, Resources and Support, a guide to help students in search of resources to assist them during their post-secondary education.

Attention grade 10 students! The Royal Canadian Legion New Brunswick Commany will be holding its annual leadership training camp this summer from July 8th - 15th. Interested grade 10 students can apply to attend. See the attached document for additional information and application procedures.

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Posted: December 28, 2017

Student Employment Experience Program (SEED)

The Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) Program provides a variety of employment opportunities for post-secondary students during the summer months. Jobs are approved at the provincial, municipal, and First Nations government levels and in non-profit organizations. Jobs approved aim to enhance the students' employment prospects upon completion of their studies, while enabling them to finance the continuation of their education. Full time students who will be attending full time post-secondary in the fall are eligible. Apply now!

The summer program focuses on developing students’ language skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Students are organized in learning groups based on their language proficiency; an assessment is administered on the first day of the program.  The goal is to keep class sizes small (15 to 20 students) and homogeneous with respect to language proficiency.  Students participate in a variety of learning experiences, such as oral exercises, debates, discussions as well as educational and cultural activities to improve their oral language skills.  Most required instructional materials are provided (a list of required materials will be included in the information package).  The teachers are experienced in creating a positive and engaging learning environment.  For more information visit

Posted: December 8, 2017

Federal Student Work Experience Program

FSWEP provides full-time students valuable, hands-on work experience related to their field of study and allows for a wealth of learning opportunities. Students obtain fair and equal access to job opportunities across the country. Although students are not required to have previous work experience to apply, they must meet the program’s eligibility criteria.Full time students who will be attending full time post-secondary in the fall are eligible. 

Attention all Grade 10 students: The NBTAP or New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program is a program that connects Grade 10 students to work in the skilled trades. For three summer work terms, students get to learn the skills they need to land a job in their own hometown. The variety of career opportunities is awesome: Automotive Service Technician, Landscape-Horticulturist, Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) and Welder are just a few of the many trades you could pursue. So if you are a Grade 10 students interested in the skilled trades, want to have a rewarding work experience during summer and get paid well, visit and find out if NBTAP is for you. Applications for 2018 open now! 

Posted: November 16, 2017

China Summer Cultural Program Students and chaperones will travel from New Brunswick to China and visit various Concord Colleges of Sino-Canada located in Beijing, Qingdao, Harbin, Guiyang, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Shenzhen and Hefei. The College will organize a program of classroom instruction including introductory courses in Chinese culture, language, martial arts, etc. Students will be hosted by a Chinese family for two nights in Beijing. There will also be an opportunity to visit major attractions. At the same time, Chinese students will take part in an English language program. Activities will be scheduled so that New Brunswick and Chinese students can join together in activities, to reinforce skills in both languages.

 - Complete application form ( - A short essay (submitted with application) - Two references (submitted with application) - Deadline for application: Dec 4th, 2017* - If selected, a $500 deposit MUST be received by Jan. 31 st, 2018. ($250 non refundable) - Applicants must CURRENTLY be in Gr 10 or 11 (students in GR 12 will be considered after eligible students have been accepted). Students ARE EXPECTED to complete an essay detailing their experience upon their return. A $500 prize will be awarded to the top essay. 
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Posted: March 13, 2017

Please refer to this Course Description Booklet before registering for courses for next year. There is a wealth of information about courses, requirements and the registration process itself. 

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Posted: January 30, 2017


Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific is a memorial to the late Canadian Prime Minister and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The College promotes the cause of international understanding by creating an environment in which students from many countries and cultures are brought together to study and to serve the community. Students who apply and are chosen for an interview for Pearson College will be expected to bring their Linking to the future Portfolios to the interview.


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