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Graduation Photo Information

Important information regarding graduation photos.

PDF icon Grad Photos Sep 28, 2018
New BHS Daily Times 2018-2019 PDF icon new_school_times_2018-2019.pdf Sep 17, 2018
BHS Honours & Honours with Distinction 2018-2019 PDF icon honours_and_honours_with_distinction.pdf Sep 17, 2018
BHS 2018-2019 Calendar PDF icon bhs_2018-2019_calendar_2.pdf Sep 17, 2018
BHS Title Page Format

This is the standard format to be used for title pages at Bathurst High School unless direct differently by a specific teacher.

PDF icon bhs_title_page_format.pdf Oct 13, 2016
Asbestos Management - Bathurst High School

Please read.

PDF icon asbestos_management_-_bathurst_high_school.pdf Jan 25, 2016
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