Posted: January 5, 2015

The BHS Global Nomads are working in conjunction with Paragon Schools from Shahdadpur (city), Sindh (province), Pakistan (country) to participate in the Global Citizens in Action: Youth Voices Program, a civic engagement program designed to build cultural awareness and global citizenship. The guiding question for the program is "How do we, as youth, engage our communities to create positive social change?" Students will engage in intercultural dialogue, explore media bias, utilize technology, and learn how to communicate and share ideas across cultures. By equipping students with these critical 21st century learning skills, GCA: YV fosters leadership and motivates youth to take positive action in their local and global communities. Students from BHS and Paragon will participate in five interactive video conferences throughout the year to share ideas and information. They will also communicate on a social networking platform (Google+) throughout the program and complete a final collaborative project related to global citizenship and the selected theme, while raising awareness about the issues that students discuss on the online platform and during their virtual exchanges. Projects will be showcased on the social networking platform. Paragon is a mixed school (boys and girls) of approximately 1000 students, serving students from Grades 1-10. There are 15-20 upper grade level students participating in the program and some of the teachers sit in on the interactive video conferences. They are a very welcoming, enthusiastic group and they are very keen to learn about our culture, our school, and our daily lives.