Drama Show for Dec 22nd Cancelled

Posted: December 21, 2021

BHS Drama Update for show on Wednesday Dec. 22, 2021

Due to the impending bad weather for mid to late day on Dec. 22nd, we have decided it would be best to keep everyone safe by not being on the roads.  While are sad to cancel a show after so much hard work has been invested by the students and their directors, safety must remain top priority.  Unfortunately, this show will not be rescheduled.  Below are several options for those people who purchased tickets for Dec. 22nd.

1.   1.  If you can attend the show on Tuesday Dec. 21st instead, your Wednesday ticket will grant you admittance.  We can accommodate 200 people safely and comfortably within COVID guidelines.  There is no need to exchange your ticket – just bring your Wednesday ticket with you to get in.

2.   2.  Keep your Dec. 22nd ticket for a full refund between January 10th and 14th.  The best method is to have your ticket brought in by the cast member from whom you purchased.  If that is not possible, contact Jeff MacQuarrie at BHS to make other arrangements.  THE DEADLINE TO RECEIVE A REFUND FOR TICKETS IS JANUARY 14TH AT 3:30pm.

3.   3.  Waive your refund to donate to the Drama students of BHS.  Your support is greatly appreciated and helps with future development of their learning through the purchase of scripts, costumes, sets, attending workshops, and participating in NB Provincial Drama Fest.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause.  If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Jeff MacQuarrie at BHS.  Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at a future show at Bathurst High School.