God of War (Review) by Noah Boone

Posted: October 10, 2018



(Kratos and Arteus shown above)

Santa Monica Studios God of War (2018) is a narrative-driven action-adventure game that is a breath of fresh air for the series. You play as an older, more stubborn, Kratos, preparing his preppy energetic son Atreus, for a long journey to carry his wife’s ashes to the highest peak of Midgard. This is a new beginning for Kratos, hiding his murderous past and godly abilities from his son, while bonding along the way. Atreus favoured his mother and was neglected by his father, Kratos. The clashing personalities of Kratos and his son make for memorable dialogue, and a comedic experience with Kratos’ blunt responses and lack of interest in most things.

 As well as a great story, God of offers a stunning visual experience, which immerses you in the landscapes around you. The game features not only a compelling and immersive main story, but a plethora of magnificent side quests for the perfectionist gamers.

 Nearing the end of the journey you'll see the once cold, distant pair finally start to bond and forge a real connection, both in combat and in personality. God of War truly has an abundance of things to see once the story is completed and it is up to you to find them.


Noah’s rating: 8.5/10